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Earn BCNEX and Swap to XRP

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   Making money in the digital world always gives the best for all people because I am not limited by age, maybe even a small child can get it but I see most of the little kids surfing the internet looking for unique things for their pleasure, not for making money . True bloggers and viewers can get free money from the internet by accessing BCNEX which is an Exchange platform that is being developed in Vietnam.
   BCNEX provides free money by following Task Earn on its main website, easily like: filling KYC and then sharing the referrals on Facebook or sharing it on Twitter. These are among the tasks that are easy to understand and there are still many tasks that you can do easily and get more BCNEX tokens. After doing the task easily, you will get BCNEX tokens on the dashboard according to what you are doing and these rewards are quite large and we should be grateful for this event from BCNEX. But in its implementation it has a time limit that is only available 3 days, so this event must be completed immediately so that Swap to Ripple is still completed. But in its implementation it has a time limit that is only available 3 days, so this event must be completed immediately so that Swap to Ripple is still completed. Check time is also at GMT + 7, where this time is from Vietnam because the base of the BCNEX headquarters is in Vietnam.
Picture from Bcnex Website

   When I wrote this Blog, the BCNEX tokens were only available around 610,624 BCNEX and this indicated there were still many opportunities to get from BCNEX. Many say faster is better and you can do it now before you miss the train. 
You still have doubts about the blog that I created, so you really don't want money? LOL
You can check everything here EARN
Don't just stare, let's do it bruh!

   A glimpse of the income of money that has been collected by BCNEX is very much, for example for Ethereum it exceeds 13,000 ETH, Bitcoin more than 700 BTC has been collected. Very big value because this is something that is valuable and worthy of support, now it is also still the stage of collecting money with a Tether session and then proceed with the ByteCoin session. In the middle of the money collection there is an event that makes money, now that's what is called the EARN task from BCNEX.

Questions : Where is the proof, bro?  I do not believe and give proof.
Answer     : Ok, I gave the proof and you can see the proof that I swapped from Bcnex to Ripple .
Picture from my account at Bcnex Exchange
   You can see above if I have 20 Ripples that have been SWAP from BCNEX. This only performs a number of tasks provided by BCNEX, if all of them can be done and meet the criteria then you can get 121 BCNEX tokens from the EARN program. With the existence of this EARN, it is certain that BCNEX has finances that are capable and ready to operate Exchange in the future, we can also see that BCNEX has full support from various parts of the world. If you feel you want to further discuss in your local language then you can join the Telegram channel below:

You find it difficult to claim the EARN so you can freely ask questions in your local group and can be even easier to complete some of the tasks that have been provided on the BCNEX website. 

Why does BCNEX dare to SWAP to Ripple?
   Because this is a market opportunity that can be provided by Ripple with the same price as BCNEX, there is nothing wrong with the BCNEX development team doing this because it can be said that this is the Buy Back program at the beginning and it is certain that the BCNEX price is equivalent to Ripple. At present Ripple on the market has a price of around 6000 Satoshi and that's a pretty expensive value, especially for BCNEX. SWAP can also be said that this is a test drive process for instant trades that can be used later by traders who have accounts on BCNEX, whether SWAP runs smoothly or has Bug problems in the process, so for now this is the best way to SWAP test using BCNEX and Ripple. We cannot deny that the problem in terms of cryptocurrency is certain and we can prevent it from being started and this is the best way from BCNEX.
   We know Binance has full strength in terms of cryptocurrency, Binance even has purchase features using Visa and Master Card, where it is very easy to use when we buy crytpocurrency that uses Binance account but there is also a weak point because Binance does not have SWAP Bitcoin feature with altcoins. This is an opportunity for BCNEX to move forward in this feature so that Bcnex can compete with Binance someday and later BCNEX will have the feature of purchasing crytpocurerncy using Visa and Master Cards and this I believe will be developed by the development team from BCNEX. Smartphones are very simple and easy to carry wherever we go and the BCNEX App can also be used like on a Smartphone. Android and IOS are smartphones that are attracted by many people and now BCNEX is developing a second system and this is an example of real evidence that BCNEX is really working on the Exchange Crytpocurrecny.

In every research and observation, we must be able to find a good point and must be able to find a positive value from an object that is being discussed. We can search this blog for the essence with a sequence of words like this:
- BCNEX has large funds in its development.
- BCNEX has many communities from various countries.
- BCNEX is developing an Exchange App for Smartphones.
- BCNEX SWAP for quick replacement of all crytpocurrency.

This is cryptocurrency, so be careful in every step of your investment because all the responsibilities of the crypptocurrency are borne by yourself.

This is the link to view  BCNEX   Project:

Official Website          :
Whitepaper            :
Bounty               :
Email Registered at BCNEX :
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Legality of BCNEX is Recognized in Various Countries

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   As an appreciation for those who have read my Blog over and over and are always looking forward to my Blog, today when the week end is writing about the Blog from BCNEX. Almost all Exchange cryptocurrency projects always surprise their future because basically the Exchange will launch coins to be traded, as a surprise it can be without using fees, prizes or trade competitions. BCNEX almost all have advantages in terms of the advantages that have been mentioned and this is the latest breakthrough for cryptocurrency traders to experience the latest sensations from Exchange that have been developed in Vietnam. The most surprising thing is that BCNEX has a trading system faster than other Exchange. BCNEX has 2,000,000 trade transactions every second of this trade transaction and this is something new breakthrough that is very much favored by cryptocurrecny traders. The speed of trading like this will also maximize traders to take advantage easily and stay away from losses quickly because the effect of the speed of an Exchange platform is very much at stake by traders.
   BCNEX Exchange has a very short journey to be able to build Exchange directly as it is now because BCNEX has full support from Angel Investors with an injection of around 1,000,000 USD and this is strong evidence that BCNEX is very focused on processing their finances so they can make Exchange useful for the future. Unlike the other Exchange that does not have the initial funds, BCNEX is a perfect advantage to continue to support. Many say also that the making of Exchange in Vietnam is very complicated with government regulations but the proof is now BCNEX has legality in various countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and the European Union.
Picture Source from BCNEX Official Twitter

   The collection of funds that are very serious from BCNEX and now also shows that evidence so that it penetrates the numbers at 13.302 Ethereums that have been collected by BCNEX. The enormous and perfect value of an Exchange fundraising and then is now being sold in the Bitcoin session. then there is still a sales phase using USDT and Bytecoin. With various stages such as this, it allows Investors to choose various options to contribute to the construction of the Exchange BCNEX. When Exchange creates tokens it proves that the token will continue to be used (Tokenization) for listing new coins or tokens that will be traded on Exchange BCNEX. The main purpose of BCNEX Exchange is to create an Exchange that is very much trusted as well as the Binance Exchange. But even BCNEX has a goal to defeat the achievements of Binance Exchange with the features of 2,000,000 transactions per Burning Coin and various advantages of the features of BCNEX that are now being developed.
Picture Source from BCNEX Official Website

   The best choice for investors is cooperation between BCNEX between AKAMAI, a provider of cyber security services. With this collaboration, it proves that BCNEX has a high level of cyber security that can be trusted by investors or traders when trading on the BCNEX Exchange. We all know that AKAMAI has a partnership with "All Branches of the U.S. Military", this proves that AKAMAI is a weak company and now AKAMAI has collaborated with BCNEX in cyber security. BCNEX also has a user interface that is very friendly to the eyes of the viewer of the BCNEX Exchange. so this will also have a minimum radiation level from the monitor screen. we all know the user interface part of the system that must be considered because the traders are better at seeing the user interface, the more interested they are in trading on the BCNEX Exchange.

BCNEX has very many and important features for invetsors and traders and I will conclude briefly for the advantages of BCNEX:
- BCNEX has an initial financial of 1,000,000 USD.
- BCNEX has Exchange legality in various countries.
- BCNEX has a transaction speed of 2,000,000 / second.
- BCNEX won 13,302 in the sales phase using Ethereum.
- BCNEX has cooperation with the world cyber security, AKAMAI.

This is the link to view  BCNEX   Project:

Official Website          :
Whitepaper            :
Bounty               :
Email Registered at BCNEX :
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*This blog is designed for public education and this is according to yourself personally, be careful if you want to invest in cryptocurrency because the risk is certainly there and is borne by yourself*.

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All Story Benefits from CyberMiles

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Picture : Symbol from CyberMiles
    Now it's time to continue to adapt to the changing circumstances of the surrounding environment. Same is the case with cryptocurercny which changes every day between rising and falling prices. In this case CyberMiles also provide something of value to choose from trading in Exchange and this is something that is perfect to take advantage of. There are so many factors that can give something different from CyberMiles, whether it's in terms of profits, solutions or the development of tokens. There are several factors that must be taken positively from a token and that has been stated in their Vision and Mission in the WhitePaper just before the project was launched. CyberMiles has provided several choices on the main website that you can access HERE .
    CyberMiles also has active Trading in Binance and this is something that can be said to be perfect and this is the best choice for traders in terms of investing in CyberMiles coins. We also all know that Binance is a super rich and trusted Exchange in the world and this is the latest breakthrough from CyberMiles to continue to be in the cryptocurrency financial circulation. If you don't know about trading CyberMiles at Binance, you can check all of them HERE .
Picture source from Binance Exchange.
   When I took the Screenshot for the picture above, it showed that the Bitcoin Volume for CyberMiles trading showed 62.27 Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin volume is quite large when compared to other altcoins that seem to have less volume and have fewer communities. Here also we can see that CyberMiles has a lot of communities and we can see it all on the Telegram CyberMiles Channel which has more than 21,800 active members. Total members that exceed more than 20 thousand, it is definitely easy to raise the price of CyberMiles because community support is also very influential for the progress of a cryptocurrency project, whether it's a coin project or token. CyberMiles also still has a larger community of Facebook, Twitter, Github, or Kakaotalk.
   Various E-Commerce projects in Indonesia, such as: Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak have their respective advantages. You can also say a lot of discounts, lots of features or many door prizes for the users on the platform. CyberMiles confirms these advantages in several factors, including.
  SMART: CyberMiles has also created various ways to remain in the cryptocurrency like smartcontracts themselves for E-Commerce networks. You can say that Lazada has a discount feature that can tempt users, so CyberMiles provides Smartcontracts for user security along with discounts listed in the smartcontratcs.
   FAST: In the speed of cryptocurrency the most important thing is DASH, because it can send DASH coins in just 2 seconds by using the Send Instants feature. But CyberMiles also has a good speed feature of the Virtual Machine and it's been captured in the advantages that are provided in cybereeMiles features. We are also sure that someday CyberMiles will match the speed of transactions owned by DASH, if CyberMiles is truly developed by their team who have super expert experience in cryptocurrency.
   MultiPayment : From of the various features provided by CyberMiles that I like most are from MultiPayment because the in CyberMiles feature can accept payments from various cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or tokens based on ERC20 and can even use stable coins such as TrueUSD or GUSD. Something that is worthy of appreciation and this is the best choice for everyone because with this CyberMiles is very popular for Multi-Asset payments.
   Lots of Exchange is open for cyberMiles that can be traded, not only in Binance but also in Bithumb, Huobi, Okex or Digifinex. Various Exchange that is open to trading CyberMiles, then surely this is the best step for CyberMiles to continue to be supported in its development and even in CoinMarketCap CyberMiles now occupies a position around ranking 149. Seeing from various altcoins circulating on CoinMarketCap, you can say that more than 1500 altcoins are registered and CyberMiles is included in 149 ranks, so this is a pretty remarkable achievement, surely CyberMiles will be able to reach or increase their ranks to CoinMarketCap in the future.

Note My blog above proves that these CyberMiles provide various success factors that are able to continue to exist in the cryptocurrencies hate and this can also be concluded with my experience like this:
- CyberMiles are registered on various Exchange
- CyberMiles has the perfect speed feature in transactions.
- CyberMiles accepts MultiPayments for every payment that uses a CMT token.

*This is my experience in analyzing a cryptocurrency project, so please consider everything in terms of investments in various cryptocurrency-based platforms*.

This is the link to view   CyberMiles    Project:

Official Website              :
Announcement            :
Whitepaper                :
Telegram               :
Trade CMT          :
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Full Features from Sigma by Hydra X !!!

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   This time I will discuss about a great project in the platform that continues to be developed for cryptocurrency trading that can also be combined in Stock trading etc. In this blog I include and embed to check Sigma by Hydra X, a project developed from Singapore that has full support and partners from various exchange sources, such as Binance, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi Pro, Kraken , Okex, and Poloniex. This collaboration is very much needed in terms of growing a business that is developing in the digital world such as cryptocurrency. Sigma by Hydra X also claims to have 9,500+ Community Members around the world, who made this factor that should definitely be able to expand the business of Sigma by Hydra X. Singapore has become a business center from all over the world, whether it's in coal mining, petroleum, gas, finance and even about cryptocurrency. Sigma by Hydra X is very well located in the business center that establishes its headquarters in Singapore. All investors from all over the world came easily to Singapore to invest in Sigma by Hydra X. At this time Binance might be very strong in finance for an exchange and later also the Generation of Sigma by Hydra X must be able to defeat the Binance sovereignty. Everyone knows that this is the only way to continue to be within the scope of a cryptocurrency so that you can get lots of trades from Traders on an exchange, including an exchange from Sigma by Hydra X.
-Picture from my account at Sigma by Hydra X-
   Cryptocurrency trading should be facilitated by various existing regulations such as making KYC, trading without using Fee and various regulations from the exchange that are always complicated. Sigma by Hydra X provides very easy and simple rules with various cryptocurrency that are already on the market, so the trading volume for Sigma by Hydra X will continue to rise because investors are given the freedom to easily create trading accounts that are integrated with Email and KYC easily verify. Sigma by Hydra X also has a community of more than 9500+ from all over the world, including on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram and Medium. There is a saying "if more and more support is the more opportunities to win", this is what Sigma by Hydra X has a vision for the development of the exchange cryptocurrency business.

It has been said in various businesses, if there are more features, there will be more interest among investors who want to work together. Sigma by Hydra X provides a lot of features that are better able to be developed in exchange cryptocurrency. There are some of these features which are called "Live News Integrations", this feature is very helpful for traders to see News and FUD in the market, so they can continue to be in the Sigma by Hydra X trade. With this you can see the opportunity to benefit from cryptocurrency trading and stay away from losses. Exchange Poloniex and Indodax have a live chat feature to provide more memorable features in trading, as well as the two exchanges, Sigma by Hydra X provides more powerful features to be developed, for example the Live Chat feature with a rapid development response team during times 24 hours . It could also be said that the Whales will continue to discuss the market trend and this is the best way to increase our profits while trading at Sigma by Hydra X. Also stock trading will someday be added to the Sigma by Hydra X feature and this is a positive trend for investors who can then trade with FX and CFDs. Like in the stock market in Indonesia such as the Indonesia Stock Exchange that can get regulation from the government in Indonesia which proves that the trade is legal to have. Sigma by Hydra X also when listing and launching in Indonesia must definitely have permission and we also believe that if the government from Indonesia for Sigma by Hydra X will be very open for regulation.
-Indonesia Stock Exchange ,source from Google-

   Looking directly at the website from to trade, there are lots of features and options that have been developed, such as Charts, Trading, Portfolios, Social, Transfers and Settings. But there is one feature that is very unique and different from the other exchange cryptocurrency, which is in the Trading option. The trading feature is very simple and easy to understand because this feature provides the right accuracy to see charts from other Exchange such as from Binance, HitBTC or other exchange units. With this option it can provide optimization in terms of finding the price movements of all the cryptocurrency that is being traded and this also makes traders easily benefit and minimize losses.
-Picture from my account at Sigma by Hydra X-

Simple and easy way of working, which only sees the movement of coins in other markets but trades at Sigma by Hydra X which then gets benefits that are easy to obtain and not too complicated for regulation from various governments. This is the right, fast and accurate time to continue in the cryptocurrency trading path using the platform by Sigma by Hydra X. I am sure also if Sigma by Hydra X has a branch office in Indonesia, then the regulations that it provides will be easy and easy to get permission from the Indonesian government. Sigma by Hydra X has many strong characters to support every cryptocurrency, stock, FX and CFD trade.

Of all that I have written in my Blog above, we can conclude that Sigma by Hydra X has several advantages including:
- Full Sigma by Hydra X Features: Charts, Trading, Portfolios, Social, Transfers and Settings.
Sigma by Hydra X Can connect with various other Exchange Cryptocurrency.
- Government regulations that will be open to Sigma by Hydra X.

"This is my opinion for now, please note the update that continues to be provided by Sigma - Hydra X, so as not to miss out on valuable information".

This is the link to view   Sigma by Hydra X    Project:

Official Website                  : 
Sign Up Sigma - Hydra X :   
Telegram                          : 
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Meet again in this Blog that will continue to be updated in my daily life for cryptocurrency and for this Blog I will discuss about XCH4NGE.
    In cryptocurrency there is always a unique cherry in every second when we see it and this is a great opportunity for us to participate in this promising business. In terms of finance, I see that cryptocurrency is feasible for a short period of time. Cryptocurrency also has several types including Tokens, Coin and Exchange. well, this article will discuss about Exchange which has been attracted by a number of Investors. The whole world, including Indonesia, has a lot of Exchangeyg available for cryptocurrency, especially for buying and selling Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, LiteCoin and BitcoinCashXCH4NGE has a registration number: 11161068 and is at 45 Hertford street London, UK. We all know that London is a fertile, prosperous and friendly country for all businesses including cryptocurrency. XCH4NGE is very supportive for trading other Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so that it can create an economic advantage at any time when we see a computer. If we compare with INDODAX and TOKENOMY Exchange that have been circulating in Indonesia, this XCH4NGE still has a small but real trading volume. XCH4NGE will become a big market like BINANCE, BITTREX, DigiFinex because XCH4NGE is supported by an online support team 24/7.
   Cryptocurrency will continue to circulate at any time because the real Bitcoin cannot be moved, as long as there are electricity, computers and the Internet then Bitcoin will continue to circulate and surely XCH4NGE will also continue to exist because someday it will be available as time goes by for FIAT Pounsling to trade with Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency. Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Venezuela are also very open to cryptocurrency trading and it is very possible to continue trading altcoins in XCH4NGE
    It might not be savory if I make a Blog exchange but it doesn't give a way to register properly and correctly, right? And making an account at XCH4NGE does not need KYC to start trading because it is only enough with Fill your information like Name, Phone Number, Email, Username, Country of Residence. After you filled your basic info, click save and then logout, Login again and then you can already trade on XCH4NGE.

Okayyyy, let's start, follow the steps like this:
- Fill in the form here
- Then enter your Email, Password and Password confirmation.
- Click "I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy".
- Click "I agree to receive marketing communications".
- Click the Registration button.
- Then enter the Email Inbox for the confirmation code.
- Finally enter the code,Click "Enter" and your account can be used to trade on XCH4NGE.

   In filling in the data yourself it is also very easy on XCH4NGE and this is the best choice to speed up account verification, because if our account is verified then it is very difficult for us to trade and this is very contrary to the principle of XCH4NGE who has a slogan like this "Verify once and forget about it! ". So, in the cryptocurrency project, do not say that there is a word lying to the public, if only XCH4NGE lies or is different from its vision and mission, it will definitely be left behind by investors and traders. cryptocurrency trading throughout the world. The system developed by XCH4NGE is very much different from usual Exchange and this makes a positive value for XCH4NGE gain public trust in the future. The most liked by me from the XCH4NGE feature is "No Hidden Fees. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, with no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay". This feature proves that XCH4NGE is very, very and very transparent for traders and users. A transparent system makes everything comfortable, safe and peaceful. We also as traders do not need to be worried and upset to see fees from each trade.

If you can interpret the Blog above then I make sure you are very short-cut to analyze the problems that exist in XCH4NGE. LOL 
So,with this I will conclude easily from the Blog above:
- XCH4NGE is very easy to register.
- XCH4NGE provides Fast, Simple and Reliable.
- XCH4NGE provides security, comfort and trust.
- XCH4NGE does not need KYC to traders to directly trade.
- XCH4NGE provides fees for real transactions seen by the eye.

This is the link to view   XCH4NGE    Project:

Official Website         :
Medium                       :
Facebook                    :
Instagram                   :
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